Silverlight Licensing for 3rd Party Controls

For any of you building 3rd party controls for Silverlight - I really need your feedback!

We are looking at what the requirements should be licensing - and how important it is to you that we provide licensing support (i.e. LicenseProvider) for Silverlight controls.

1) Do you use the LicFileLicenseProvider or do you roll your own LicenseProvider?

2) Do you use both design time validation and runtime validation or just one?  If one, which one?

3) Would the lack of licensing support affect your investment in building Silverlight controls?

Please email me at "jnak" at microsoft and include your company name.

Thank you so much.

Comments (3)

  1. See Win App says:

    Recently a posted a set of questions around Silverlight Control licensing . I was really happy with the

  2. Sorin Dolha says:

    1. Custom LicenseProvider inheriting from LicFileLicenseProvider;

    2. Both.

    3. Yes, it does affect: currently our company suspended its plans to build Silverlght controls until a feasible licesing system (to be able to provide development machine-installable licenses compiled at build time) is included within the SL platform.

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