Visual Studio 2008 has shipped!

This is a pretty exciting day as Visual Studio 2008 has shipped.  This is the first product I've shipped with Microsoft which makes it a milestone for me.  I think back to what feels like yesterday (2 years ago) when I started on Project Cider and all we had was a half working XAML previewer. 

Since I represented my team in the Developer Division shiproom, late last week I got to sign these big 6 foot Visual Studio boxes and received a t-shirt of all of the best shiproom quotes.  I was happy to see I got quoted twice!

  • "We have no crud in our database" (referring to our bug database)

  • "This bug is best illustrated by watching the video" (I created a video of a bug repro to support my arguments to get an approval to check in a fix for that bug)

 It really has been a great experience for me and I've learned a lot over the past two years.  I really look forward to working on our next release.

 Here is Soma's announcement:

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