Actipro Ribbon – Office 2007 UI

Another great example of cool design time functionality in Cider (WPF Designer in Visual Studio 2008) comes from Actipro.  Their Office Ribbon control uses Cider Extensibility to add task panes invoked by an adorner that makes configuring their control a breeze. For example, when the main Ribbon is selected a little widget adorner in the upper…


SandDock for WPF by Divelements

Now that Visual Studio 2008 has been released, one of the real fruits of my job is to see how our customers end up using our product.  Specifically, I really enjoy seeing how WPF Control Developers end up using the WPF Designer Extensibility API that I talk about so much on this blog. If you…


Giving Focus to Adorners

If you add a TextBox as an adorner to your design time, by default you will not be able to give that TextBox focus.  That is, you won’t be able to set the cursor in it so that you can type. Similarly, if you use a TabControl as an adorner, by default you won’t be…


See Jackass 2.5 Free Courtesy of Blockbuster and experience Silverlight

Cider is currently known as the “WPF Designer for Visual Studio” but we’re also in the works of being known as the “Silverlight Designer for Visual Studio”.  In other words, we care about Silverlight and the following is pretty cool: ·         On December 19th, Blockbuster will premiere the first full-length feature film, Jackass 2.5, directly…


Specifying a Toolbox Icon for a Control in the WPF Designer

Recently I had a customer point out the following from the documentation:  Differences in Specifying Toolbox icons In the Windows Forms Designer framework, you specify a Toolbox icon for your custom control by applying the ToolboxBitmapAttribute to your control class. In the WPF Designer framework, you use an embedded resource and a naming convention to…


Mole 2.1 – WPF Runtime Inspection Tool

 Ran across this today and I thought I would pass it along as it is a very useful tool for WPF developers. Mole II is a high performance, full featured Visual Studio Visualizer which allows you to inspect elements in the WPF visual tree or logical tree, as well as all properties of those elements.


How to get the best out of the WPF designer when laying out your WPF app

Mark Wilson-Thomas is our resident WPF Layout expert and is leveraging my blog to get some great information out about how the VS 2008 WPF Designer approaches layout: How to get the best out of the WPF designer when laying out your WPF app Lots of folks have asked what the reasoning is for the WPF designer giving…


Visual Studio 2008 RTM Crashing when Creating a WPF Project?

We’ve been seeing some issues where VS 2008 crashes when creating a new WPF project.  The underlying issue is that on certain machine configurations, the .Net Framework is not updating correctly. In order to short circuit diagnosing that you’re in this state, one of my colleagues on the deployment team has written a tool that…


Visual Studio 2008 has shipped!

This is a pretty exciting day as Visual Studio 2008 has shipped.  This is the first product I’ve shipped with Microsoft which makes it a milestone for me.  I think back to what feels like yesterday (2 years ago) when I started on Project Cider and all we had was a half working XAML previewer. …


Don’t do that in the WPF Designer (Cider)!

One of the challenges of building a designer after the framework has shipped (as is the case with Cider) is that the designer isn’t always able to support all of the coding patterns that develop before the tools become available. This is not a new problem.  Brian Pepin wrote a similar article to this one…