The Results Are In

For those of you who attended the dev lab last week at Microsoft, you'll recall I handed out a questionnaire asking you how you would spend $100 across our extensibility feature set. 

Well, the results are in!  Here is how you, our customer, decided how you would spend that money.  Note that some of the surveys went over budget (>$100) and some came in under budget (<$100) -- I normalized the results to $100 (hence the floats).

Licensing 190.4353
Access to other controls/components on the design surface 131.384
Access to resources, style, data sources etc. 115.0248
Adorners 111.3557
Actions/Verbs 107.2425
Custom Property Editors 103.9696
Sub-properties 94.22967
API for determining when a control is in design mode 91.37385
Specify a toolbox icon 84.61041
Custom Object Editor 76.09384
Custom Collection Editors 75.26635
Reusing Designer Components (editors, data binding picker and Property Grid) 73.42868
Customizing Control Creation 67.02088
Launch wizard on object creation 64.11646
Specify additional assembly references to add to the project when a control is added to the design surface 61.77895
Shadow a property at design time 57.33183
Support for Cider/Sparkle Metadata 57.19479
Default value initialization 48.14241

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