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So jfo and I were talking lately...


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  1. jfo's coding says:

    No more feature requests JIM!

  2. Tom says:

    So, you’re saying it has to be easy enough to use like this?

  3. Jeff Parker says:

    I know Microsoft encourages it’s employees to try to solve problems outside their normal work flow, but you need to know your limits.

  4. Greg Duncan says:

    [The real reason for the recent Vista delay]

    You deleted the Windows Vista source code?

  5. Jeff Lehmer says:

    …and I was bouncing some ideas off of him but it seemed as if I might as well be talking to an empty bucket. 🙂

  6. benwu says:

    can you hear me now?  can you hear me NOW?

  7. benwu says:

    We want you to redo the layout code in winforms.

  8. dcd says:

    Thinking "outside the box" just isn’t cool anymore.  "Inside the bucket" is where it’s at!

  9. Jeffey says:

    No… sorry… it’s just not working. I’ve seen you without the bucket.

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