Seen the Code Equivalent of this in Your Source?

I love Seth Godin’s blog and I recently bought a book of his “Small is the New Big” which I’m really looking forward to reading.  Anyhow, he has just the most classic picture in this post.  I looked at that and thought, I’ve seen the code equivalent of that many times in the past (not…

Help us Name the Adorner "Placement" APIs

Looking back to my most recent article on adorners you’ll recall that we had this API on AdornerPanel that allowed the Control Developer to specify where and with what size their design time adorners were positioned on the design surface: AdornerPanel.SetHorizontalStretch(_slider, AdornerStretch.Stretch);AdornerPanel.SetVerticalStretch(_slider, AdornerStretch.None);AdornerPanel.SetTargetSizeFactor(_slider, new Vector(1.0, 0));AdornerPanel.SetAdornerSizeFactor(_slider, new Vector(0, 1.0));AdornerPanel.SetAdornerOriginFactor(_slider, new Vector(0, -1.0));AdornerPanel.SetAdornerOriginOffset(_slider, new Vector(0, -3)); This…

Detecting Design Mode

A while back, Brian posted an article about how we proposed to implement the equivalent to the Windows Forms Control.DesignMode property in Cider. In his follow up article, he talks about how we dropped the original proposal and worked with the WPF team to get a the new DesignerProperties class into WPF’s PresentationFramework assembly.  This…


3rd Party Hosting of Cider

One of the recurring questions I get is the following: Will Visual Studio’s WPF Designer be available as a reusable component outside of Visual Studio, like the Windows Forms designer is? I just updated the FAQ on Cider’s Channel9 Wiki with the answer:


MonthCalendar Adorner Sample

Co-authored by Jim Nakashima and Timothy Wong. This post is a follow up to the post I had written showing an example of using adorners.  It will go through an example of writing the design time for an existing MonthCalendar control.  It covers a few things the last post didn’t cover: opening up a ChangeGroup…


Licensing in Cider

We’re just finishing up the implementation of licensing in Cider, I’ll let you know when it will be visible in a CTP.  What we did was implement the System.ComponentModel Licensing that was also used in Windows Forms.  Our feedback was that this is a sufficient model — yeah it isn’t great but it works and…


Shared Bytes, Private Bytes and Fixups

This post is actually a re-post of a post I did a little under year ago during PDC ’05 after attending a talk by Rico Mariani and chatting with him afterwards.  The original post is here. The reason I thought to re-post this is I was talking to a couple of fellow Cider-tonions about some…

The Results Are In

For those of you who attended the dev lab last week at Microsoft, you’ll recall I handed out a questionnaire asking you how you would spend $100 across our extensibility feature set.  Well, the results are in!  Here is how you, our customer, decided how you would spend that money.  Note that some of the…


WPF RSS Reader Walkthrough

Wanted to point you to an article that one of our SDETs, Nikola Mihaylov, wrote — it’s an RSS reader built exclusively with XAML.  Very cool —  

Introducing the Orcas Cider Extensibility Team

Here is a picture of the extensibility team from a recent morale event we had with the Cider team.  We’ll be bringing you experience of developing and using a 3rd Party Control. Pictured from Left to Right: Subhag Oak, Jim Nakashima (me), Tim Wong, and Juraj Hlavac (not pictured: Brian Pepin)