New City, new house, new job, new blog

Welcome!  This blog is a continuation of the blog here where I talked about Windows development and software.  As mentioned in my last post on that blog, the last two weeks have been full of a lot of changes both personally and professionally. 

The short story is that this is my first week at Microsoft as a Program Manager in the Developer Division in the .Net Framework, Client and Web Platform and Tools Team.  I'm really jazzed because after arriving here I found out I landed up on the Cider team. Cider is the project code name for the visual designer for Windows Presentation Foundation (avalon) that is geared towards developers and will run inside of Visual Studio. 

The other WPF/Avalon designer is Sparkle which is a stand alone application geared towards graphics/UI designers.

The Cider team is really staffed with great people and I'm really lucky to work and learn from them.  I can tell already that this is going to be an experience to remember.

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