Would you like to give input to Microsoft?

Would you be willing to provide input & feedback that will help us make Visual Studio better for you? As Satya presented on 3/27, we’re not uniquely focused on Windows, but on all devices. If you are building internal mobile (Phone/Tablet)  business apps for any device, using any set of technologies and tools, we’re interested…


Requesting feedback from business app developers and IT decision makers

I’m doing research for the Visual Studio team at Microsoft to better understand the needs and problems faced by developers that build business apps that are internal to their company (apps for their employees) – we want to help them build their apps faster and more reliably.   My goal is to chat with this…


Rapid Developer Deploy to Windows Azure

At PDC10, I did a session Building, Deploying and Managing Windows Azure Applications that covered the end to end experience of using Windows Azure. To watch the recording, go to http://player.microsoftpdc.com/session click on “Guide”, my session is at 1130 on Thursday. As part of the session I was able to show some of the cool…


Hope to see you at PDC – live or online

Next week, I’ll be speaking at PDC.  The sessions were published recently and I’ll be speaking on Thursday at 11:30AM PST. Building, Deploying, and Managing Windows Azure Applications In order to take full advantage of Windows Azure and SQL Azure, you need to know more than just how to write the code. You need to…


Windows Azure Tools featured on Cloud Cover

Aside from the fact that I was setup and they took every opportunity they could to give me a hard time, I had a lot of fun as a guest on Cloud Cover with Ryan Dunn and Steve Marx. I showed the new features in our latest June 2010 release of the Windows Azure Tools….


VerificationException from Windows Azure IntelliTrace

Kyle has posted about a problem you may see if you use IntelliTrace in the Cloud to debug your RIA Services on Windows Azure. In a nutshell, if you see these exceptions: and the client, this will appear as the standard “Not Found” CommunicationException when looking through an IntelliTrace log downloaded from the Cloud then…


Windows Azure Tools Goes International

We’re happy to announce that the June 2010 release of the Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 is now available in German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Korean. On the download page select the language you want to install if it isn’t set to the right default: A couple of notes:…


Windows Azure Storage Browser in the Visual Studio Server Explorer

As part of the June 2010 release of the Windows Azure Tools, we now have a Windows Azure Storage browser in the Visual Studio Server Explorer: It is our first cut at this feature and we’ve been iterating fairly quickly on the Windows Azure Tools so I’m excited about having this feature not only for…


TechEd Session Takeaways – Using Visual Studio to build Windows Azure Applications

Thank you to all of you who attended my session at TechEd 2010 – COS307 | Using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 to Build Applications That Run on Windows Azure Here are some of the key takeaways and links from the session: Lots of New Tools The June 2010 release of the Windows Azure Tools has…


Using IntelliTrace to debug Windows Azure Cloud Services

One of the cool new features of the June 2010 Windows Azure Tools + SDK is the integration of IntelliTrace to allow you to debug issues that occur in the cloud. IntelliTrace support requires .NET 4, Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate and the cloud service has to be deployed with IntelliTrace enabled. If you are using…