Debugger and Versioning link fest

I’ve had enough “Debugger + Versioning” posts to go back and create a versioning category. The general overview: Managed Debugging Versioning . This provides the ground rules and key concepts for how managed debugging versioning works. Implications of mixing + matching versions of different debuggees Debugging MC++ 2002 with VS2005. VS2003 (which uses the .Net 1.1…


What can I use to debug VC2002 Managed C++ apps?

Debugging MC++ apps from VC2002 with VS2005 came up in the comments here.  In the ideal world, Whidbey works great and everybody is upgraded to Whidbey (VS2005) and so nobody is still interested in VC2002. In our broken and fallen world, these ideals are not always true and so this becomes a pertinent question for…


Debugger and Versioning

“Which versions of a managed debugger (eg, Visual Studio) can debug which versions of the CLR? And How?” This is the fundamental debugger versioning question. Here is the “debugging stack” from a versioning perspective, including the protocols between each of the layers and the process boundaries: User’s source code   protocol: Source language processed by compiler….


Put a config file on your debuggers

VisualStudio.Net 2003 has a config file saying that it’s for V1.1 CLR. If you write your own V1.1 debugger, you should do that too. One big motivation is to ensure your V1.1 debugger creates the V1.1 implementation of ICorDebug. In V1.1, ICorDebug was a COM-object (we changed this in v2). In the absence of a…

"Visual Studio 2003 Mixed Mode Debugging Crash"

It’s great that 2005 has shipped. I personally enjoy using it for my own pet projects and I’m very pleased. But shipping a V2 also means exposing versioning problems in the V1 design. Such an issue came up on the forums, which basically boils down to: VS 2003 crashes when:1. I install VS20052. I’m interop…


VS 2003 can not debug .NET 2.0 apps.

Somebody asked here on the forums if you can use VS 2003 to debug .NET 2.0 (whidbey) apps. Unfortunately, the answer is no.VS 2003 can not debug .NET 2.0 apps.  It is a restriction in the underlying .NET debugging services (see below)You can still use the .NET 2.0 SDK tools (such as Mdbg, DbgClr) to…