Speaking at Lake County .NET User’s Group

I’ll be speaking at the Lake County .NET User’s Group (LCNUG) near Chicago, Illinois on September 24th.  I’ll be talking about new features in C# 4.0, including named and optional parameters, dynamic support, scripting, office interop and No-PIA (Primary-Interop-Assemblies) support.   The permalink for the event is here. If you’re in the area, swing on by!


Writing a CLR Debugger in Python

Harry Pierson has written an excellent set of blog entries about writing a managed debugger in IronPython. He builds on the ICorDebug managed wrappers that we ship in Mdbg and explains many of the concepts for how to write a debugger, such as managing breakpoints.  Read more about them here. 


ICustomQueryInterface and CLR V4

CLR V4 fixes an issue with COM-interop that’s been bothering me for a while. The problem is that unless you’re using a PIA, you can often have either your caller or callee be managed code, but not both.  You can import the same COM-classic interface into managed code multiple times, and two components can naturally…


Virtual code execution via IL interpretation

As Soma announced, we just shipped VS2010 Beta1. This includes dump debugging support for managed code and a very cool bonus feature tucked in there that I’ll blog about today. Dump-debugging (aka post-mortem debugging) is very useful and a long-requested feature for managed code.  The downside is that with a dump-file, you don’t have a…


MVP Summit 2009

For those going to the 2009 MVP Summit, I’ll be one of the speakers at the breakout sessions on March 2nd on Microsoft’s Main campus.