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With the new ICorDebug / MDbg forum, I've decided to temporarily disable the "Contact Me" link on my blog to encourage folks to ask their questions on that forum (or post public comments on relevant blog entries) instead of mailing me personally.  My goal is to make these sort of discussions more public and open; instead of just a private conversation between me and you.

Some advantages of the fourm:
1. The forum has more people monitoring and answering than just me, and can answer a wider range of relevant questions.
2. The forum answers are also public (and searchable), unlike the private email exchanges I have.
3. It saves me having to ask private questioners to repost on the forum 🙂

If you have questions about ICorDebug, writing your own .NET debugger, etc, swing on by the forum at:

Last I checked, all questions on the forum have been answered, so we're keeping up with it well.

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