You've probably already read about the MSDN Wiki Beta on Soma's blog. You can now add information to MSDN content for Visual and the .NET SDK. I think this is great, and I hope it expands to the rest of MSDN. Some of the things that I particularly like:
- RSS feeds for everything.
- you can edit existing blocks.
- it tracks who made what changes. For example, I can see all of the changes by Adam Nathan here.
- it separates the community content from the official MSDN content. I come to appreciate this after reading Wikipedia and always wondering if what I'm reading is true. Easily knowing where the information comes from lets you judge the veracity. (This is equally important in the case where MSDN is wrong and a credible community member offers a correction).

I've made a few posts (my history log is here). The subsection on ICorDebug is Maybe I should go add the information from my "This should be in MSDN" posts.

Check it out and add your own information!


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  1. where shoul i post this?help

    [b]I posted this below on forum and avast forums can you help me, on the avast forum, or email me with a fix cure idea or some help with what’s wrong?


    2 under richard johnsen


    summary review comments and new questions, a page I’ll forwarded if i can figure out to who

    after first boot of this new acer aspire 3000 laptop with amd 3100 sempron – 512ddr

    i installed ad-aware and avastthen i returned to majorgeeks to download and ms frame

    as i started editing a pdn file & when i tried rotate/zoom a pdn layer.all windows processing slowed to a crawl. i was rocking on 1 of 25 layers but it didn’t seem like a ram problem, and don’t know how a well amd semperon chip preforms multiple processing as compared to a Pentium

    windows reported that it couldn’t shut down ZOOM IN (a running process)

    task mgr. showed 100% usage of processor, though i had a defective amd

    preformed a C drive search for zoom

    ran avast avirus on boot -found nothing

    ran adaware-nothing-windows shut down still couldn’t shut down ZOOM IN

    i ran sys restore, back to before, downloading your pdn and ms, and computer runs as new

    i think i may have received a MS bug related to a, zoom in.exe, causing a calculation loop, on my amd processor said–I assure you that this has absolutely nothing to do with Paint.NET, for nowhere does it have or even use a program called "ZOOMIN.EXE".

    i was told when i asked Avast avirus about possibility of a brand new virus or Trojan, they, the virus people said mal’ware wasn’t likely as’ that behavior is usually not so regular an occurrence and as for the most part, a virus writer wouldn’t want to draw attention to the virus

    I want to use the new product, 2.5 was easier to use than my adobe paint 3.0, and I liked quite a few functions better, I’ll try 2.6 without MS netframe before reformatting , but at this time I can’t see the need for MS dotnet framework and will refuse MS updates to install .net.

    I just don’t understand; 1 if ZOOMIN.EXE that is associated with Microsoft’s Visual Studio 6.x and 2 is it in MS netframe, 3 why a graphics program would want this when it formally ran great without it, a requested installation by MS, or why MS couldn’t close it’s own program.

    I for some reason thought, you, RickB were affiliated with MS.netfarame2.0 as it seemed to be nessary to run your great program, but as you said I’m trying to get help someware else.

    🙄 Does anyone know what MS.netframe is or if it’s needed to graphics or adobe graphics ❓

    or does anyone know who could check this out at MS? I won’t bother with trying to extract anything suspect from the system restore ‘system volume information’ folder, but i would send the restore file to MS

    Thanks again for your responses,

    guess I’m off to MS world to try and fix my problem/bug

    later and other comments

    I assure you that this has absolutely nothing to do with Paint.NET, for nowhere does it have or even use a program called "ZOOMIN.EXE".

    ZOOMIN.EXE is associated with Microsoft’s Visual Studio 6.x

    Do you use this program

    btw, I really have to guess zoomin is just that magnifying glass tool most graphics programs have, but I could be wrong

    i would get a little slow when using that many files/layers on old celeron but never had the processor say or do that after reboot, acted almost like i hibernated instead of shut down, but didn’t

    maybe amd isn’t smart enough    

    I purchased acer due to a almost incorrectable windows explorer lock up at boot, on old  HP caused by MS06-15(908531) ron at dell couldn’t fix and ms rewrite fix didn’t repair mine —-info on request——-I have removed dozen of viruses off my familys 7 computors and

    I’ve never had XP Crash, try to burn up a processor/loop, OR LOCK UP until SINCE IT CAME OUT until now,wassup?

  2. TFulton says:

    I, too, have recently started to experience a problem with ZOOM IN on my Acer Aspire 5000, it also has an AMD chip in it, with the exact same symptoms described. At least you’ve dispelled my fears of it being a virus. I do not use, or Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0. Perhaps this is a flaw with Acer’s design?

  3. Satu says:

    I got same problem in Acer`s laptop, it won´t shut down because of zoom in.exe. Any solutions yet?

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