Is "Module Breakpoint" ambiguous?

How would you define "Module Breakpoint"?

1) "Break when module is first loaded"
2) "Break each time any code in the module is run"
3) something else?

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  1. Jeroen Frijters says:

    When the module .cctor runs?

  2. If you have to ask whether it’s ambiguous, it is 😉

    I’d hazard a guess at the first, but if it actually mattered to me I’d be sure to look it up to confirm my suspicion before trying to use it.

    If you want an unambiguous name for the first option, I suggest "Module load breakpoint". If you mean the second… not sure, but would that really be useful? You’d end up hitting it an awful lot in typical situations, wouldn’t you?

    PS Hi Jeroen!

  3. David Srbecky says:

    Break every time code enters a module – ie when any function in the module is called.

  4. I have to go with what Stuart said.

    Also, breakpoints are defined as points in the code. What you’re defining here is not a breakpoint in code, but a breakpoint in time.

    How about just calling it "Break on load" and "Break on execution" or something?

  5. j.stagner says:

    I would assume (if forced to) that it means #1.  Now you’ve got me curious enough to go look it up and see if that fits what I’m doing better than the way I’m already doing it.

    Gee, thanks 😉

  6. SameerV says:

    #1 for sure

  7. Omer – what about ‘data breakpoints" (watchpoints) that break when a value is changed?

    Stuart – good point; merely asking hints it’s ambigious. But I wanted to further check. Afterall, if everybody strongly agreed on one answer, then I could conclude that I was just delusional. But we have both sides here, which further reinforces the ambiguity.

    It usually means #1, but I think simply because that’s easier to implement 🙂

  8. Jim Griesmer says:

    Actually, I think the ambiguity is in the question, not the concept(s). I’d compare it to asking "When is a breakpoint hit?"  


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