Competing with the docs:

I was reading Charles Petzold's rule "Don't even try to compete with the Docs" and it reminded me of one of the issues I struggle with as a blogger trying to decide what to write about...
I find myself in a similar dilemma with blogging. Some people have noticed the sorely lacking documentation in ICorDebug and wonder why I don't fill the gap with my blog. On one hand, I could blog endlessly about ICorDebug (ICD) trivia. But on the other hand, that sort of reference should really be in MSDN. And although the MSDN docs for ICorDebug today are weak (they're even worse than the idl), they will eventually be fixed and good. So looking down the road, extensive blogging about ICorDebug specifically seems short-lived.

Now that said, I still see writing about ICD as a gold mine of blog topics. For example, some things are valuable to write about now because waiting for MSDN to catch up is not practical. Other posts answer explicit questions from readers. Maybe I should start an "ICorDebug trivia" category where I can put random 1-line ICD trivia, all of which should eventually wind up in MSDN. Though I kind of have that today with my ICorDebug category, and my recently created "This should be in MSDN" category.

It's interesting to see where searching for ICorDebug shows up on google and MSN. At this point, this blog (particularly this entry) shows up as #1 in both spots. But as MSDN docs start coming up, I expect that to eventually be at the top of the list.

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