Do you want to work on the CLR?

So we've just shipped VS2005 and CLR (.NET) 2.0. It's an awesome product, and we're gearing up for V3, which is also going to be great.

My team, CLR Developer Services (includes Debugging services), is hiring a Software Developer Engineer. See here for the job description. We've got some extremely exciting opportunities in the Debugging Services coming up on the CLR. You don't need to know about ICorDebug. But you do need to be very passionate about having a critical role in the success of the .NET platform by enabling a superior wave of .NET developer tools.

The CLR overall has a lot of openings for Developers, Testers, and Program Managers as we bulk up for V3. You can view those openings and job descriptions here.  You can submit applications online (see the "submit"  button on the job descriptions)

[Update: 1/3/06]  We also have job openings for Testers on the debugger team.

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