Poor Man’s Radio

I stumbled across this by accident. If you want a radio in your office, just call a service department and switch to speakerphone when they put you on hold.

I don't have a radio in my office, and my computer doesn't have speakers. But my office has been filled with music for a while now 🙂

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  1. vbNullString says:

    That’s not a "Poor Man’s" radio. You’d have to pay for phone bill after all. :p

  2. David Srbecky says:

    And if people want to call you… 🙂

  3. DeepICE says:


    Only call 1-800 numbers

    @David Srbecky:

    Some people considor that a plus.

  4. m@man says:

    Obviously, you are in the US. The standard European phone system charges per minute, regardless of where you call. (sigh, yes, things are changing, but the _point_ is that different parts of the world have different standards.) No, 800 numbers are also not necessarily a solution. Most +01-800 numbers are not free, when called from overseas.

  5. csharpdude says:

    that’s hilarious!

  6. m@man – yes, I’m in the U.S at Microsoft’s Redmond campus (near Seattle, WA).

    David – I have to agree with DeepICE here…

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