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MDbg is a debugger for managed code written entirely in C# (and IL), which started shipping in the CLR 2.0 SDK.
I have so many MDbg posts, that I'm losing track of them. And others have had some good posts too. For my own organization, I need to create an easy way to find all the links (particularly when I search for a link that I want to include in one of my other blogs). I have an MDbg category, but that's still too verbose to find everything. So here's my one stop link-fest of MDbg posts.  I plan to update this over time with new posts (both my own or others).

What is Mdbg and where can I get it?
Managed Debugger Sample (My first post on MDbg)
Download V2.1 MDbg?
MDbg Forum on MSDN (this is the place to ask your Mdbg questions)

Summary of the role of MDbg and Cordbg
We need your feedback on the fate of Cordbg.exe / BradA on killing Cordbg
Comparison of MDbg Sample vs. MDbg SDK (MDbg Sample is updated for Beta 2 and RTM)

MDbg + V1.1 (Everett / VS2003)
Problems for a managed debugger for v1.1?
Using metadata interfaces from managed code
Using MC++ wrappers to access ICorDebug from V1.1

MDbg + IronPython (now included in latest sample source)
Adding IronPython scripting engine to Mdbg
ShawnFa's IronPython-MDbg examples
How to embed IronPython script support in your existing app in 10 easy steps
Update for Iron Python 0.9.3, and later for Beta 1
Raw source for latest mdbg-IP extension
Harry Pierson's 'Writing a Debuger in Mdbg' series.

Tools built on top of MDbg:
Build tips: How to build these samples
Sample app to attach to target app, dump callstacks of all threads, and detach.
Sample app to print loaded modules (in C#) .  (In VB)
Simple harness to print exceptions in an app
How to modify those tools to attach instead of launch.
Converting a managed PDB into a XML file. (included in latest Mdbg sample)
Building your own MDbg extension.

MDbgGui + Threading
MDbg extension to debug IL,
Winforms + MDbg threading issue: Round1 (Bad: UI thread is MTA), Round 2 (Good: UI thread is now STA)
Source is available for MDbg Winforms GUI! (updates to the GUI)
Winforms gui on top of Managed debugger sample.

Update / Servicing notifications:
Mdbg Version 2.1 released (still targets .NET 2.0)
MDbg sample (2.0) is updated for Whidbey (.NET 2.0) RTM (fixes post-beta2 breaks)
MDbg Sample temporarily broken in post-beta 2 builds.
MDbg Sample is updated for Beta 2
Updating MDbg GUI for Beta 2

Mdbgcore.dll and linking IL
Evidence that MDbgCore is easier to use than ICorDebug
Cross-platform, 32/64-bit stuff
Jan on MSDN TV

Other people's Mdbg work:
Felice Pollano's MDbg + Reflector project
Managed Stack Explorer  -  productized tool to get stack snapshots (kind of like snapshot tool, but much cooler). This only builds on the low-level Mdbg wrappers (CorApi*).


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  2. Here is a template for playing around with an extension for the MDbg sample (Mdbg is the managed debuggeer…

  3. Jan Stranik is on MSDN TV talking about MDbg, the managed-debugging sample written in C#.  See the…

  4. Here are some random software things I use that really change how I work.

    OneNote: Word is not a…

  5. Felice Pollano is working on project to make merge Reflector (an IL–>C# decompiler) and Mdbg (a managed…

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    Voilà une idée intéressante que je viens de voir sur le blog de Mike Stall : Felice Pollano: Integrating…

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    Felice Pollano a publier une nouvelle version de Deblector, son add-in de debugage sous Reflector.


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    What a great experience this Tech-Ed Israel has been!

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  9. Check out: Managed Stack Explorer. It’s a tool on CodePlex that lets you automatically get stack snapshots…

  10. I often publish little samples in this blog based off MDbg (which generally show off the debugging services…

  11. We’ve just created a new public forum for answering ICorDebug and MDbg questions. Check out:  …

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