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You may have noticed the web page layout of my blog is now different. My reasoning was that it actually renders better this way. I include a lot of tables. In the old layout, there were two sidebars: one on the left and one on the right. If the width of a table was too large to fit between these columns, it would inject a giant vertical break in the page to push the table below the sidebars. That looked ackward because you may not realize you needed to scroll down to find the table.  It personally bothered me.

So this new web layout only has 1 sidebar, and the tables seem to autofit properly.  The reason this looks totally different than the last one is that I didn't design it myself. I just went down a list of premade themes until I found one that handled tables well.

Update: I changed it back. It turns out the new theme is missing the "Archives" section. This is very lame. It looks like choosing themes does a lot more than just change CSS - it also changes the underlying HTML. CS customizability is still pretty primitive. I can pick overall themes, and I can add some CSS, but I can't actually choose the raw HTML layout for things. Thus I can't create my own themese, and I can't add an "Archives" section to a theme that doesn't have one. Alas.

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