.Net / ASP.Net Developers: check out Tim’s blog

Tim Stall writes a .Net blog for .Net Developer’s Journal (http://timstall.dotnetdevelopersjournal.com ), which I'd like to recommend (you'll notice I've linked him over on the 'links' section). Whereas my blog is very low level and focuses mostly on writing the tools, Tim covers more practical issues for developers ranging from actually using tools to ASP.Net programming to performance and unit testing. He regularly discusses UI topics, providing lots of source code and examples, like showing how to add MessageBoxes in ASP.Net or the difference between embedded vs. runat=server code. Tim balances raw code with helpful analysis and tips, like suggesting ways to make code machine-independent or Comparing approaches to extend Excel apps with .Net. He emphasizes making testable code, such as offering techniques to test the data access layer. We all know the value of good tools, so Tim continually shows new development tools and ways to apply them, such as using Code Generation, fixing Visual Studio issues, and improving your build process.

Tim also helped me figure out how to modify the CSS on my blog to make the hyperlinks appear bold. 🙂

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  1. Koen says:

    Thanks! That’s just the kind of blog I was looking for! 🙂

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