It’s been a while

I notice it's been a while since I blogged last.  I'm still here - we've just been really focused on shipping Whidbey and had some important deadlines. 

There are a few entries I'm in the middle of writing that I hope people will find valuable, particularly on how to make a random statemachine debuggable in .NET. I've also been behind on responding to some mails I've been sent (sorry, I'll try to get to them soon!).

I've also finally discovered FrontPage as an HTML editor. Word is terrible for HTML because even that "filtered HTML" file format that allegedly strips out all the extra HTML garbage (like <span> tags and MSO stuff) doesn't actually do that. FrontPage is supposed to be much better and produce sane HTML, and thus make it easier to write blog entries.


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  1. Boudewijn says:

    You might want to check out a little tool called Visual Studio 2003/2005 which also has a very neat HTML-editor :-).

  2. rhm says:

    You’ve been using Word and now you’ve moved to Frontpage… you’re kidding right? I mean you’re aware VS2005 includes a really good HTML editor? And the one in VS2003 isn’t bad either.

  3. I remember trying out VS as an HTML editor for blogs but missing some things. Yes. I’m lame. I should probably be using VS’s HTML editor on principle’s sake (since VS, not Front Page, is our current ship vehicle).

  4. Here’s one issue I ran into w/ VS’s editor: It uses <span> tags, which appear to really confuse Community server. (it seems like anything beyond 1994 HTML confuses CS; I’m told it’s a security precaution).

  5. Visual Studio’s IDE will copy code as RTF (Rich Text Format). Web browsers like HTML. So posting code

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