MSDN feedback rocks.

I've had great experiences with MSDN responding to feedback and improving the docs.
At the bottom of each MSDN page is a little hyperlink that says "What did you think of this topic?" and then is a mailto link that makes it very easy to send feedback on the page you're viewing. I've done this a few times recently and I've noticed that they responded very quickly; validated my claims; and update pretty quickly (seemed to be within a week). You can make their job easier by suggesting an exact wording change and providing simple code-snippets to demonstrate your point. 

My most recent change was getting the following in red added to the docs for OpenProcess :

[in] Access to the process object. This access right is checked against any security descriptor for the process, unless the user has the SeDebugPrivilege privilege granting full access to the process. This parameter can be one or more of the process access rights.


Comments (1)

  1. Peter Drier says:

    I’ve had similar turnaround in the past myself. It would be interesting though if they went to the next level (moderated wiki)..

    Just a thought.

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