A step backwards

The MS blogs were recently upgraded from .Text to Community Server. Unfortunately, the new Community Server has regressed some key functionality, like the ability to post certain formatted text from Word (via filtered html), Word Pad (rtf), Visual Studio, Outlook, or Internet Explorer. Now with CS, all blog entries have to be formatted via some web control. I can deal with that insane restriction for simple posts like this one; but it's a real problem for most of the content I blog about. This has made it prohibitively expensive for me to blog. I've already had two blog entries that the new CS has been unable to publish.

I'm trying to find some sort of workaround; but I think my blogging days are on ice until then.

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  1. Rob Howard says:

    We are starting the filtering on strict. We are going to be allowing rich posting again probably starting next week – we’ve been delaying any updates to the site until we can coordinate with all the MSFT bloggers.

  2. I love Community Server, but I hate that web control. You get nice tidy HTML post it, spot a mistake and the second you go back in that wretched design window does a FrontPage on you and totally trashes your HTML. I’ve got to the stage where I force myself into the habit of saving the HTML before I do anything with it in Community Server so that I can go back and edit it if I need to, which is somewhat defeating the point of the exercise.

    A control that accepted xhtml and didn’t keep screwing up what you entered would be nice.

  3. At this point, I’ve got what seems to be an endlessly long list of things I’d like to eventually blog…

  4. Visual Studio’s IDE will copy code as RTF (Rich Text Format). Web browsers like HTML. So posting code

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