MS Blog Sites have upgraded to Community Server

The MS blog sites have upgraded to Community Server. Practically, that means there are some random new features on the blog homepage such as search, post ratings, email subscriptions, and a calendar. If you only read this blog via an aggregator, then venture out to the webpage at least once to check it out.
I'll have to see what new bells and whistles they have on the admin side of the fence. I'm hoping there's better spam moderation so I can disable moderating comments. We'll see...

Comments (6)

  1. And SharpReader 0.95.1 (latest release) reports new instances of every single post…. Bet its not the only one. (Yes, shooting the messenger!)

    Ruben Bartelink | +353 86 885 2399 |

  2. Regarding comment about SharpReader 0.95.1 reporting all posts as new due to this (which will be a big pain for many people). The underlying reason would appear to be that the Author field has changed from a Full Name to the login name.


    Ruben Bartelink | +353 86 885 2399 |

  3. Ruben, nice observation.

    If anybody notices anything wrong with the new site (like things that used to work before and are now broken), please let me know and we can try to get it fixed. There are a lot of new knobs to control things now, and maybe I’ve got one of the settings wrong.

  4. Double posts (as new) also show up in JetBrains Omea Reader ( and possibly every other reader out there.

  5. The keyword list is also missing now. This maps keywords (like "Mdbg") to URLs. I’m told they’ll add it back in. Until they add it back, than means a lot less senseless hyperlinks throughout my posts.

  6. I also notice the ability to paste formatted code in from Visual Studio is broken. The formatting gets garbled.

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