New improved documents and sample available

If you don’t know it already, you’ll be pleased to learn that Alan has posted yesterday a news on the VsVmSdk forum about the documentation improvements for the DSL Tools. New improved documents and sample available


Working around a bug in the ProvideCodeGeneratorAttribute

Summary There is a bug in the ProvideCodeGeneratorAttribute, which breaks VSIX deployment because it generates absolute codebase in .pkgdef instead of Codebase relative to $PackageFolder$. This bug can be worked-around by not using the ProvideCodeGeneratorAttribute but adding a second pkgdef file in your project with the information that this attribute would generate   The problem…


Enabling your DSL for MEF extensions

One month ago, I described an extension to the DslDesigner to author modelbus. This is a real life example of what could be a MEF extension to our authoring tool. Writing such an extension is easy as shown in the “How to: extend the Domain-Specific Language Designer” page on the MSDN library and in the…


A nice article from NetFxFactory about using WPF-databinding feature in the DSL Tools 2010

Pascal and Anthony from the NetFxFactory community have just published another great article presenting a WPF based diagram that they ported to VS2010 using the new WPF (and Windows-Forms) form-based features present in the DSL Tools. And, since, “it would be a shame to reduce WPF use to form based design”, they made it graphical…


I just fixed a bug in the DslDesignerExtensionForModelBus sample

After my attention was drawn by a question on the forum (StateKind Enumeration), I discovered a bug in the DslDesignerExtensionForModelBus sample. Apparently there is no relationship between a problem on the DSL Tools Lab, and the DslDesignerExtensionForModelBus. Well, there is: the extension is always there (if it is active), and monitors your model changes in…


How to: Deploy the XML schema describing the serialization of your DSL?

The problem If you build a DSL and deploy it on a different machine by double-clicking on a VSIX, everything should be fine, except that you will get warnings "Cannot find a schema…" each time you open an instance of your DSL. This is because the XML schema file generated by the DSL tools cannot…


What’s new in T4 in Visual Studio 2010

Gareth posted a list of new features for T4 in Visual Studio 2010:


A new sample of why and how to extend the DslDesigner … but also a way of enabling the Modelbus in your DSL.

Along with our RTM version of the Visual Studio Visualization and Modeling SDK, we have posted a new sample on the Code Gallery site:  DslDesigner extension for Modelbus authoring How to build the modelbus tool? Download the DslDesigner extension for Modelbus authoring sample zip file from the code gallery Unblock the zip file Extract all…


What happens when you unfold a new designer with VS2010 VsVm_Sdk RTM? T4-MsBuild in action!

Unfolding a new Dsl In the RTM release of the Visualization and Modeling SDK, when we unfold a new designer, it really no time, and this is because you no longer need to wait for the text templates to be transformed. If you look in the GeneratedCode folders of the Dsl or DlsPackage projects, you’ll…