We re-released the VsVmSdk for Visual Studio 2012 RTM

Last Friday, we have re-release the VsVmSdk that was originally released on 8/15. The new version of the file is 11.0.50727.01, which is lower than the previously released file (11.0.50727.03). This is by design.

Note: installing this software requires uninstalling the previously installed versions of this software.

Comments (1)

  1. Jezz Santos says:

    Hi JM,

    Is it possible to create a DSL in VS2012 that will also work in VS2010, or visa versa?

    There seems to be very little info on the net about these scenarios.

    If that is not possible, then is it possible to have one codebase for a DSL Project, and use MSBUILD properties to determine which version of the VMSDK (10.0 or 11.0) to transfrom and compile against?

    We would be trying to avoid forking the code into 2 seperate projects for each version fo VS.

    thanks in advance

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