We re-released the VsVmSdk for Visual Studio 2012 RTM

Last Friday, we have re-release the VsVmSdk that was originally released on 8/15. The new version of the file is 11.0.50727.01, which is lower than the previously released file (11.0.50727.03). This is by design. Note: installing this software requires uninstalling the previously installed versions of this software.


Error Migrating some DSL solutions to Visual Studio 2012

As you may know, it is possible to migrate a DSL Project to the current version of Visual Studio using DslProjectMigrationTool.exe which is available from the Visualization and Modeling SDK. This is no exception for Visual Studio 2010, where the tool can be found under Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\VSSDK\VisualStudioIntegration\Tools\DSLTools with Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0 is…

What is new in Visual Studio 2012 RC Visualization and Modeling SDK ?

Last week, we shipped the VsVm SDK RC (Visual Studio 2012 RC Visualization and Modeling SDK). Here is what is new with respect to VsVmSDK Beta: DSL Tools We fixed a few bugs in the runtime, in particular, adding an element to a compartment shape could select the previous element instead of the newly added…

What is new with T4 in Visual Studio 11 Beta?

In case you missed it, Gareth just blogged about what’s new with T4. As you know T4 is independent on the DSL Tools, but widely used by them.

More about the Code Index SDK

If you were waiting for more information about the code index SKD, please know that I’ve continued blogging about it on the visualstudioalm blog : http://blogs.msdn.com/b/visualstudioalm/archive/tags/code+index/

What is the code index SDK?

The Dependency Graphs in Visual Studio Ultimate are much more scalable … In Visual Studio 2010, we released the Dependency diagrams, which enabled you to visualize the dependencies between assemblies, namespaces, types or members through directed graphs. In Visual Studio 11 Ultimate, the experience around these architecture diagrams has improved a lot. There are many…

Announcing the Visual Studio 11 Beta Visualization and Modeling SDK

After we released the  Visual Studio 11 Beta (along with the Visual Studio 11 Beta SDK) yesterday morning, I’m excited to announce the availability, of the Visual Studio 11 Beta Visualization and Modeling SDK (VsVmSdk). As in Visual Studio 2010, this SDK still contains the DSL Tools, and an updated migration tool for your DSLs,…