You are using the DSL Tools? I would like to know you better!

Among other things, I’m preparing my talk to the Development Tools Ecosystem Summit in Redmond October 19-23, and it’s the time, after the hard work we’ve been doing on producing the Beta2 of Visual Studio, to come back to you, customers and partners.

If you are using the DSL Tools, I’d like to know better who you are, and what you do with the DSL Tools, in order to help you better.

I would appreciate a lot if you took the time to send me a few lines about you, your organization, and your DSL(s) (if you are allowed to share this with me, of course). If, moreover you can add a picture of your designer(s), that would be fantastic!

I’m looking forward to reading you.

Comments (2)

  1. Hi, firstly: thanks for the helpful blogs on dsl :).  I just read the blog: "[DSL Tools] Support of Nested shapes in Visual Studio 2008 SP1" and when i got to the part that I googled for and it read:

    "Second case: Reparenting an ExampleElement depending on its position

    The alternative is to let the shapes move in and out the parent shapes, but change their parent depending on the geometry. The custom code is, in that case, different. This will be the subject of a next post if some of you are interested by this behaviour."

    I tried to find a next post… I really just want to say that I am very interested to now how to handle the case where a child is dragged to a different parent depending on the geometry.


  2. Fresher says:

    I am new to DSl. I just need to know how to handle click events on the dsl elements(Example element). Any sample will be highly helpful for me.

    Thanks in adavnce

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