Empty Toolbox for DSL Tools Diagram in experimental hive

There is already a post on the forum, about that, but I feel that I need to communicate a bit more.   What is the problem? You downloaded and installed the brand new VS2010 Beta2, installed the VSSDK, and the DSL SDK You unfold a new Dsl, let’s say a minimal designer (Language1, file extension…


We released the DSL SDK for Visual Studio Beta2 this morning

I’m a bit late to announce it, but only now do I find the time to blog: this morning, we released the DSL SDK for Visual Studio Beta2. It is available from Visual Studio 2010 DSL SDK Beta2, and, as for the Beta1, you’ll need to install the Visual Studio 2010 SDK Beta 2 beforehand….


You are using the DSL Tools? I would like to know you better!

Among other things, I’m preparing my talk to the Development Tools Ecosystem Summit in Redmond October 19-23, and it’s the time, after the hard work we’ve been doing on producing the Beta2 of Visual Studio, to come back to you, customers and partners. If you are using the DSL Tools, I’d like to know better…