My first days visiting the team in Redmond

I'm currently visiting the VSX team in Redmond, introducing myself and meeting everybody. I'll be there for two weeks.

I arrived yesterday afternoon after a 23 hours trip from France, and Ken Levy invited me to a party at Ted Neward's house, along with Pablo Galiano  It was a great occasion to speak with MVPs and VSX developers, even if I was very tired.

Today I began my first meetings with the members of the team. In the next couple of days, I'll have meetings with various team members, and will participate to the MVP Summit - Communities Side Session on Thursday.

It's really great to meet everybody, and to get more understanding of the VS SDK's overall development life cycle, as well as meeting the VSX community members. All this will enable me to participate in helping add new features to DSL tools and to enhance the VS SDK, working to enhance VSX development. 🙂

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  1. CyrilJ says:

    Bravo Jean-Marc,

    Mes meilleurs voeux pour votre entrée dans cette grande équipe! J’ai rencontré Steve, Stuart, etc, pour ce poste (oui, j’étais un autre candidat mangeur de vrai fromage… 😉 le 21 février là-bas. Une journée mémorable. 🙂

    Longue vie aux DSL Tools!

    Petite démo (flash, un peu longue) d’un proto construit avec les DSL Tools du VS 2K5 SDK :



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