Hello world

I started a few days ago in the Visual Studio Ecosystem team.

During my last 19 years I worked in the French Ministry of Defence building operational analysis software, and simulation applications to make decisions. A few years ago, I started creating a simulation development environment. This is were I got the passion for modelling, and discovered the DSL Tools. This lead me to get more interested in Visual Studio Extensibility, and, with a few friends, we created a French community about VSX and DSL Tools, which you'll find at http://www.dslfactory.org.

This is actually a great community, but there is one inconvenient for most people in the world : this is all written in French!

I hope to use this blog to share with you it's content, and also my discoveries on the long running path of understanding the Visual Studio SDK.

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  1. Jb Evain says:

    Oh, so it was that the “possibility of a change” you told me about 🙂

    Congratulations, keep up the good work !

  2. World says:

    This blog has been created to share useful information. Thanks and greetings!

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