Startup Thinking

“Startups don’t win by attacking. They win by transcending.  There are exceptions of course, but usually the way to win is to race ahead, not to stop and fight.” — Paul Graham A startup is the largest group of people you can convince to build a different future. Whether you launch a startup inside a…


Goofy Innovation Techniques

If your team or company isn’t thriving with innovation, it’s not a big surprise. In the book, Ten Types of Innovation: The Discipline of building Breakthroughs, Larry Keeley, Helen Walters, Ryan Pikkel, and Brian Quinn explain what holds innovation back. Goofy innovation techniques are at least one part of the puzzle. What holds innovation back…


The Innovation Revolution (A Time of Radical Transformation)

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times … It’s not A Tale of Two Cities.   It’s a tale of the Innovation Revolution. We’ve got real problems worth solving.  The stakes are high.  Time is short.  And abstract answers are not good enough. In the book, Ten Types of Innovation: The…


The Myths of Business Model Innovation

Business model innovation has a couple of myths. One myth is that business model innovation takes big thinking.  Another myth about business model innovation is that technology is the answer. In the book, The Business Model Navigator, Oliver Gassman, Karolin Frankenberger, and Michaela Csik share a couple of myths that need busting so that more…


Trends for 2015

It’s time to blow your mind with the amazing things going on around the world. Each year, I try to create a bird’s-eye view of key trends.   It’s a mash up of all the changes in technology, consumerism, and ideas that seem to be taking off. Here are my trends for 2015: Trends for 2015: …


Santa Lands on a Virgin Atlantic Plane with 4D Technology

Microsoft and Virgin help land Santa on top of a plane at 30,000 feet.  If you’ve been wondering where Santa’s been, he landed on top of a Virgin Atlantic plane and did a photo shoot with the passengers. Microsoft teamed up with Richard Branson and Virgin Atlantic to bring the magic of Christmas to life. …


Drive Business Transformation by Reenvisioning Your Operations

When you create your digital vision, you have a few places to start. One place to start is by reenvisioning your customer experience.   Another place to start is by reenvisioning your operations.   And, a third place to start is by renvisioning your business model. In this post, let’s take a look at reenvisioning your operations….


Management Innovation is at the Top of the Innovation Stack

Management Innovation is at the top of the Innovation Stack.   The Innovation Stack includes the following layers: Management Innovation Strategic Innovation Product Innovation Operational Innovation While there is value in all of the layers, some layers of the Innovation Stack are more valuable than others in terms of overall impact.  I wrote a post that…


No Slack = No Innovation

"To accomplish great things we must dream as well as act." — Anatole France Innovation is the way to leap frog and create new ways to do things better, faster, and cheaper. But it takes slack. The problem is when you squeeze the goose, to get the golden egg, you lose the slack that creates…


3 Challenges to Help You Set New Benchmarks in Innovation

If you want to change your game, you need to know what the key challenges are. Innovation is a game that you can play much better, if you know where and how to debottleneck it. In the book The Future of Management, Gary Hamel shares 3 challenges that he believes can help you unleash your…