Trends for 2016

Our world is changing faster than ever before.  It can be tough to keep up.  And what you don’t know, can sometimes hurt you. Especially if you get disrupted. If you want to be a better disruptor vs. be the disrupted, it helps to know what’s going on around the world.  There are amazing people,…


Start with Needs and Wants

“The purpose of a business is to create a customer.” – Peter Drucker So many people start with solutions, and then wonder where the customers are. It’s the proverbial, “When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” The truth is, if all you have is a hammer, then get better at…


Why We Are Moving to the Cloud: Agility, Economics, and Innovation

I was reading the IT Showcase’s page on the Cloud platform. I really liked the simple little story around why we are moving to the Cloud: “Three words: Agility, economics and innovation. Cloud technology satisfies the CEO’s desire for greater business agility, the CFO’s desire to streamline operations, and the CMO’s desire for a more…


The Sweet Spot of Customer Demand Meets Microsoft Supply

Here’s a simple visual that I whiteboard when I lead workshops for business transformation. The Sweet Spot is where customer “demand” meets Microsoft “supply.” I’m not a fan of product pushers or product pushing.  I’m a fan of creating “pull.” In order for customers to pull-through any product, platform, or service, you need to know…


How To Build a Roadmap for Your Digital Business Transformation

Let’s say you want to take your business to the Cloud –  How do you do it? If you’re a small shop or a startup, it might be easy to just swipe your credit card and get going. If, on the other hand, you’re a larger business that wants to start your journey to the…


Dual-Speed IT Drives Digital Business Transformation and Improves IT-Business Relationships

Don’t try to turn all of your traditional IT into a digital unit.   You’ll break both, or do neither well. Instead,  add a Digital Unit.   Meanwhile, continue to simplify and optimize your traditional IT, but, at the same time, add a Digital Unit that’s optimized to operate in a Cloud-First, Mobile-First world. This is the…


How To Improve the IT-Business Relationship

It’s possible to change IT from a poorly respected cost center to a high-functioning business partner. Driving business transformation is a people, process, and technology thing. Some people think they can change their business without IT.   The challenge is that technology is the enabler of significant business change in today’s digital landscape.  Cloud, Mobile, Social,…


Drive Business Transformation by Reenvisioning Your Operations

When you create your digital vision, you have a few places to start. One place to start is by reenvisioning your customer experience.   Another place to start is by reenvisioning your operations.   And, a third place to start is by renvisioning your business model. In this post, let’s take a look at reenvisioning your operations….


How To Use Personas and Scenarios to Drive Adoption and Realize Value

Personas and scenario can be a powerful tool for driving adoption and business value realization.   All too often, people deploy technology without fully understanding the users that it’s intended for.  Worse, if the technology does not get used, the value does not get realized. Keep in mind that the value is in the change.   The…


How Can Enterprise Architects Drive Business Value the Agile Way?

An Enterprise Architect can have a tough job when it comes to driving value to the business.   With multiple stakeholders, multiple moving parts, and a rapid rate of change, delivering value is tough enough.   But what if you want to accelerate value and maximize business impact? Enterprise Architects can borrow a few concepts from the…