Agile Results with Evernote

Evernote tends to be my tool of choice when for Agile Results.   People often ask me what I use as my Personal Information Assistant (PIA) to manage action and make things happen.  Aside from pen and paper, I use Evernote and Outlook.   Outlook is my calendar and email communication stream.  I don’t use email to…


30 Days of Getting Results – Free Time-Management Training

I’ve updated 30 Days of Getting Results based on feedback.  (Special thanks to Alik Levin for his feedback and insight above and beyond the call of duty.)   The site URL is simpler now and easier to share: 30 Days of Getting Results I wanted to clean it up and improve the experience, especially for those…


Getting Results the Agile Way – Top 10 Best Seller on Amazon in Time-Management

Colleagues, friends, and family have been asking me how my book, Getting Results the Agile Way, is doing.   It’s doing well.   Today it was #10 on Amazon’s Best Seller’s list in Time Management. Time Management is a great niche because time is such a unique and precious resource.   How you invest your time helps shape…


10 Things Great Managers Do

Note: This article is updated at 10 Things Great Managers Do. What do great managers do?   To put it simply, they bring out your best.   Whether it’s fire you up or get on your path or help you overcome your personal challenges, they help you flourish. Aside from all the managers I’ve had before Microsoft,…


Connecting Business and IT

Note: This article is updated at Connecting Business and IT. This is a mental model we often use when connecting business and IT. The big idea is that IT exposes it’s functionality as “services” to the business.   When speaking to the business, we can talk about business capabilities.  When talking to IT, we can talk…


Nailing Your Goals for 2012

If you want to nail your goals for 2012, here are some guidelines, checklists, and tools to help you do it.  It’s a new year and  fresh start, so now is a great time to start off on the right foot, or tune and prune your skills for action, focus, goals, motivation, and time management….