The Microsoft Story for the Cloud

How has the Cloud changed your world?

One of the ways we challenge people is to ask, do you want to move to the Cloud, use the Cloud, or be the Cloud?

But to answer that well, you need to really be grounded in your vision for the future, and the role you wan to play.

The Cloud creates a brave new world.  It enables and powers the Digital Economy

Businesses need to cross the Cloud chasm (and some don’t make it) in an effort to stay relevant and to be what’s next.

Businesses need to re-imagine themselves and explore the art of the possible.

Business leaders and IT leaders need to help others forge their way forward in the Digital Frontier.

And it all starts with a story.

A story that inspires the hearts and minds so people can wrap their head around the challenge and the change.

I think Satya says the Microsoft story for the Cloud in a very simple and compelling way:

"We will reinvent productivity to empower every person and every organization on the planet to do more and achieve more." -- Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO

That’s a pretty simple and yet pretty powerful and compelling story of why do we do what we do.

It’s a great way to re-imagine and inspire our transformation to a productivity and platform company in a Mobile-first, Cloud-first world.   And, it’s a very simple story around productivity and empowerment that inspires and drives people in various roles and responsibilities to co-create the future in a profound way.

What is your simple story for how you re-imagine you or your business in a Mobile-First, Cloud-First world?

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The Microsoft Story

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