Data Science is the Art of Asking Better Questions

I heard a colleague make a great comment today …

“Data science is the art of asking better questions.

It’s not the art of finding a solution … the data keeps evolving.”

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  1. Andre Gironda says:

    Conceptually I am in love with the spirit of this message.

    Minor corrections that would pivot me to full agreement:

    1) It's called analytic science, not data science. Data is one thing that we can be analytic about — so it's only a small subset of the full puzzle

    2) Data, sometimes, does find solutions in the form of data lakes and data products. Sorry that some of this terminology is oriented from the persepctive of Booz Allen Hamilton — but I believe that they did their work gathering insight from peers and the entire analytic community at-large

    3) When data evolves, it becomes corpuses of information. There are evolutions beyond that, but they are not as clearly defined as of yet

    Questions, I concur, are always important business tools — there are many books on the subject. I'm currently reading, "Leading with Questions: How Leaders Find the Right Solutions by Knowing What to Ask, Revised and Updated Edition".

  2. J.D. Meier says:

    @ Andre — Great distinctions — thank you.

  3. Stavros says:

    I would make that "Data science is about *enabling* better questions"

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