How I Explained My Job to My Grandmother

Well, she wasn’t my grandmother, but you get the idea.

I was trying to explain to somebody that’s in a very different job, what my job is all about.

Here’s what I said …

As far as my day job, I do complex, complicated things. 

I'm in the business of business transformation

I help large Enterprises get ahead in the world through technology and innovation.

I help Enterprises change their capabilities -- their business capabilities, technology capabilities, and people capabilities. 

It’s all about capabilities.

This involves figuring out their current state, their desired future state, the gaps between, the ROI of addressing the gaps, and then a Roadmap for making it happen.  

The interesting thing I've learned though is how much business transformation applies to personal transformation

It's all about figuring out your unique service and contribution to the world -- your unique value -- and then optimizing your strengths to realize your potential and do what you do best in a way that's valued -- where you can both generate value, as well as capture the value -- and lift the world to a better place.

Interestingly, she said she got it, it made sense, and it sounds inspiring.

What a relief.

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