Value is Everybody’s Job

Back in 2010, Gartner suggested that Business Value Realization would be Enterprise Architecture finally done right.  Related, when people were confused by the scope of Value Realization, all we did was add "Business” up front (i.e. “Business Value Realization”) and that seemed to add instant clarity for people, and they said they got it. 

They realized that it was all about extracting business value and accelerating business value.

The most interesting pattern I think I see is not that value is an individual thing. 

It's that any individual can create value in today’s world – with their network, the ways they work, the technology at their fingertips -- they can focus on their end users and continuous learning, and operate without walls. 

In fact, the enticing promise of the Enterprise Social vision is comprehensive collaboration.

There was an uprising in the developer world to create customer value -- it was agile. 

It seems like the world is experiencing another uprising (and you hear Satya Nadella talk about a focus on individuals whether in business or life, focused on learning, collaborating, and changing the world.)

So it's not the CIO, the CEO, etc.

What is the new uprising?

Value is everybody's job.

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