Satya Nadella is All About Customer Focus, Employee Engagement, and Changing the World

I’m still learning about Satya Nadella, our new CEO at Microsoft (but a very seasoned Softie.)

He’s been around here a while, but I never really got to meet him.

So far, I really like his style.  He’s a quiet leader.  He focuses on three things that matter a lot to me:

  1. Customer Focus – Satya focuses on the end-to-end customer experience and wants to light up experiences that matter to make life better.
  2. Employee engagement – Satya wants people to have passion and purpose and to do work that matters.
  3. Changing the world -- As I was listening to Satya talk to us, it was all about “the future we're going to invent together” and how we’ll “express ourselves in the most creative ways.”   It’s about building a better world and software is our way.

So then, let’s invent the future together

And, in an Enterprise Social world, that includes Softies working with fellow Softies, in a “One Microsoft” way, and it also, includes working with our customers to co-create our future.

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