The Recipe of Great Leaders: WHY, HOW, WHAT

clip_image002“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.” — Bill Gates

Seasoned leaders focus on WHAT, and then HOW.

Smart leaders start with WHY.

So the obvious conclusion is that the right recipe is WHY, WHAT, HOW.

But that’s the surprise.

The most effective leaders know the recipe is WHY, HOW, WHAT.

HOW is the key to success for the long-haul.

HOW is often the difference that makes the difference.

HOW is where execution happens.

HOW is where you figure out sustainable ways.

HOW is where you figure out Operating Principles so you can take on big challenges and nail whatever WHAT that comes your way.

If you master Ability to Execute, you bridge Strategy + Execution.

HOW is especially interesting because it’s where people can shine.   If you’ve read The Patterns of High Performance, you know that individuals produce their best results when they use their personal HOW.

It’s the journey and the destination. 

WHY is the juice for the journey.  HOW is your recipe for the journey.   WHAT is the destination.  If you master your HOW, you can enjoy the journey, and you’ll be better prepared for any destination you set your eyes on.  Of course WHY will filter the destinations you choose.

It’s elegance in action.

The key is to treat HOW as a first-class citizen.  Execution is often a differentiator.   If you master and mature your HOW, you can move up the stack to take on bigger and better things.

Use your HOW to chop any challenge down to size.

Another way to think of it is, “Masterful HOW” trumps “Ad-hoc HOW” or “Heroic Efforts” time and again.  There are exceptions, but it’s not sustainable.  

Those that invest wisely in their HOW execute with confidence, can do product line engineering, and create sustainable work-life balance, and use “Ability to Execute” as a competitive differentiator, among the sea of failing and flailing.

For a great video on the power of WHY, HOW, WHAT, check out Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action.

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