Book Reviews at a Glance

I’ve created a book reviews at a glance page at Sources of Insight.

I read a lot of books and do a lot of book reviews.  Previously, you could get to the book reviews through the book reviews category, but you had to flip through pages in order to find them all.  Now the book reviews are right at your fingertips.

I do my book reviews a bit differently.   They are more like movie trailers.  Rather than focus on whether I like a book or not, I focus on what you can use from the book, in work or life, to get better results.

Here are a handful of my favorite book reviews you can explore to get a sense of how I do book reviews:

These also happen to be some excellent books for improving your effectiveness at work.

In fact, if you read nothing else, at least read The First 90 Days.   It’s the book that will help you become a highly effective corporate warrior, in a peaceful warrior way.  You’ll learn to see the chessboard and operate at a higher level.   It includes everything from the five conversations to have with your boss to ramping up more effectively in a new organization.  It’s definitely one of those books that I can point to as making a leapfrog in my career trajectory.

Surprisingly, I don’t have as many book reviews as a I should.  I resisted doing book reviews early on because, in general, I wasn’t a fan of book reviews.   Too often, I read book reviews that were just about whether somebody liked or didn’t like a book.  What I really wanted was a deeper peek into the bowels of the book, and some highlights on what I could use, so I could figure out whether to get the book.

Last year, I decided to give it a whirl and just do book reviews in my own style.   I wanted the book reviews to quickly map out the book, show what problems the book solves, and give highlights on the big ideas.   Next thing you know, I started getting emails from readers about how they liked my book review approach and how my book reviews were like nothing they had seen before.  So I continued to do them ever since.

So here it is, at your fingertips, my book reviews page.

It’s an evergreen page, so I’ll update it as I release more book reviews.


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