30 Days of Getting Results Updated Based on Feedback

imageI’ve made another attempt to improve the user experience for 30 Days of Getting Results.  To improve the experience, I’ve focused on minimalism, whitespace, easy navigation, and powerful content that helps you thrive.

30 Days of Getting Results is the ultimate self-paced training system to help you master productivity, time management, and work-life balance.

It’s productivity on fire.

You’ll learn multiple ways to at least triple your productivity, while spending more time on things you love, and plowing through the tough stuff, and doing your heavy lifting with more skill and capability.

It’s based on the book, Getting Results the Agile Way, which introduces the Agile Results system.  Getting Results the Agile Way has been a best seller in time management.

In fact, the 30 Days of Getting Results is itself a 30 Day Improvement Sprint, where you use Agile Results to learn a new habit, and to get great results over a 30 day period.

Just because it’s a 30 Day series, doesn’t mean that you have to take 30 days or go in sequence.   In fact, when somebody is first checking it out, I tell them to take a peek at the following lessons:

Here is the page that provides the complete list of 30 lessons.

And, here is a list of the 30 lessons, with direct links, so you can explore at your leisure:

  1. Day 1 – Take a Tour of Getting Results the Agile Way
  2. Day 2 – Monday Vision – Use Three Stories to Drive Your Week
  3. Day 3 – Daily Outcomes – Use Three Stories to Drive Your Day
  4. Day 4 – Let Things Slough Off
  5. Day 5 – Hot Spots – Map Out What’s Important
  6. Day 6 – Friday Reflection – Identify Three Things Going Well and Three Things to Improve
  7. Day 7 – Setup Boundaries and Buffers
  8. Day 8 – Dump Your Brain to Free Your Mind
  9. Day 9 – Prioritize Your Day with MUST, SHOULD, and COULD
  10. Day 10 – Feel Strong All Week Long
  11. Day 11 – Reduce Friction and Create Glide Paths for Your Day
  12. Day 12 – Productivity Personas – Are You are a Starter or a Finisher?
  13. Day 13 – Triage Your Action Items with Skill
  14. Day 14 – Carve Out Time for What’s Important
  15. Day 15 – Achieve a Peaceful Calm State of Mind
  16. Day 16 – Use Metaphors to Find Your Motivation
  17. Day 17 – Add Power Hours to Your Week
  18. Day 18 – Add Creative Hours to Your Week
  19. Day 19 — Who are You Doing it For?
  20. Day 20 — Ask Better Questions, Get Better Results
  21. Day 21 – Carry the Good Forward, Let the Rest Go
  22. Day 22 – Design Your Day with Skill
  23. Day 23 — Design Your Week with Skill
  24. Day 24 – Bounce Back with Skill
  25. Day 25 – Fix Time. Flex Scope
  26. Day 26 – Solve Problems with Skill
  27. Day 27 – Do Something Great
  28. Day 28 – Find Your One Thing
  29. Day 29 – Find Your Arena for Your Best Results
  30. Day 30 – Take Agile Results to the Next Level


So far, everybody that I know that’s gone through has found something significant they can do to really up their game, whether that’s improving their productivity, mastering time management, or improving their work-life balance.

It’s both a great way to get introduced to Agile Results (a personal results system for work and life), and to instantly improve your productivity by applying the lessons to everyday life.


Comments (3)

  1. Hi JD Meier, I so loved your 30 Days of Getting Results Updated Based on Feedback. This is really great while reading your blog post. May I add one thing. It's good also to take some risks for getting or knowing some results. After all, you can benefit on it.

  2. J.D. Meier says:

    @ Francesco — Thank you.

    Yes, taking calculated risks, is key.  Also, bold, decisive action, and a continuous learning mindset go a long way.

  3. @Jd Meier — Yes, it's true having that calculated risk can somehow helped you a lot. This is just what they said that in a business there should be a trial and error.

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