Business Techniques in Troubled Times: A Toolbox for Small Business Success

"If you see a bandwagon, it’s too late." -- James Goldsmith

I’m really focused on helping businesses large and small succeed.  Times are tough.  I’ve been reading a lot of books on business skills and techniques.  The latest book I read is pretty hard-core. 

And exactly what I wanted to find.

Here’s my review:

Business Techniques in Troubled Times: A Toolbox for Small Business Success

It puts more than 70+ business skills at your fingertips.

What’s especially interesting is that the author is a turnaround artist.  He helps flailing and failing businesses get back on track.   Imagine having that kinds of ability – to help business rise from the ashes phoenix style.

That’s cool stuff.

Actually, it’s very powerful stuff.

Business transformation is a great place to be in today’s world.

After all, businesses are re-inventing themselves at a pace never before possible.

Anyway, you’ll appreciate this book if you want to know …

How to analyze the marketplace and do true competitive analysis and find your differentiation

How to design a great product or service

How to price your product or service more effectively

How to create a roadmap for your product

How to prioritize your product ideas

How to create a more effective business plan

How to avoid the most common mistakes when making a business plan

How to analyze a business model

How to create a financial plan

I could go on, and on, because this book really packs a lot into it.   It’s an “all-in-one” guide that really covers creating and growing a business.   You’ll especially appreciate this book if you’ve struggled with the “money” part of business.   It’s one thing to have a good idea.  It’s another to fund that idea, and to make it economically viable.   This book actually shows you how.

The thing I want to stress about this book though is that it’s written by somebody who helps owners save and grow their businesses for a living.

Within the first fifteen minutes of reading the book, I had at least three new business skills I could immediately apply.

If you want a deep dive into the book, including snippets and insight, check out my review:

Business Techniques in Troubled Times: A Toolbox for Small Business Success

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Comments (2)

  1. Tom Murzenski says:

    Thank you for the recommendation J.D..

    How would you compare/contrast the advice in this book with that in the book "Rework" by the guys from 37Signals?

    Do you find the advice in this book applicable to a small development shop – like a mastermind and a few assistants?

  2. J.D. Meier says:

    @ Tom — Rework is a fun book.  I think its strength is reminding people to show up with passion and ship meaningful things in a productive way.  It's a fast, it's fun, and it's sticky.

    Business Techniques, on the other hand, is truly a hard-core business skills book.  It's a deep read.  It's detailed and dry.  The depth pays off though with specific techniques, thought frameworks, and proven practices you can use to inspect your business, tune it, tweak it, or transform it (or exit, stage left.)

    I think it can serve as the Mastermind's playbook and coach.

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