Write Down Your Three Wins

When you write your Three Wins for today, you set the stage for better results. This simple habit gives you a rapid way to focus, prioritize, and master your time management.

You can do this anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Here are some examples:
I'm on top of my day.
I have a draft plan in place for completing the project.
I have a great demo to showcase my results.

If you’re having a bad day, maybe your win will simply be “have a great lunch” (we all have those days.)

Those are just a some examples.  You have to write the wins that make sense for you.  They should be simple, sticky, and easy to say.  Your test is whether you can say them without looking them up, and that you believe in them, and they inspire you for the day.

You can identify your Three Wins for the day, by simply asking yourself a question:

What are three wins you want for today?

In other words, if today were over, what are Three Wins that you would want under your belt?

Writing down your Three Wins is the easiest way to get started using Agile Results.  Simply write down your three wins for the day, and you're using Agile Results.   (I explain this in much more detail and with examples in my book, Getting Results the Agile Way.)

It’s simple.  It’s effective.  It works.  It works because you engage your brain, and breathe life into your day, by holding a few vital wins in your mind, to guide you throughout your day.

We have a ton of things coming our way every day.  We can be overwhelmed, or run over by requests for our time, meetings galore, waves of email, or simply too much to do, and too little time.

That's one lens.

And that lens shapes our mindset.  It's easy to get overloaded, and overwhelmed.  It's easy to give up on doing the things that make the difference.  In Stephen Covey terms, it's easy to spend too much time on "urgent" things like distractions and interruptions, and not enough time on important things, like our critical activities and important longer term goals, or "sharpening our saw."

But, you can flip this around. 

You can use your tools to change your day.  When you ask yourself, what are the Three Wins that you want for today, you create a brand new lens.  You drive your day.  Rather than react to the things coming your way, you can respond.  You know if you're trading up or just getting randomized.  It's a conscious choice now.

If you want better results each day and for the long haul, you need a simple habit you can use on a daily basis that gives you the edge.

Use your Three Wins to win more in work and life.

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