The Gamification of Education

One of my colleagues, Marc Ashbrook, has written a fantastic guest post on how gaming and gamification are reshaping education:

The Gamification of Education

Marc specializes in social collaboration, gamification, and productivity so his insights are always great to see.  I’m currently working with Marc on the impact of social in the Enterprise, and it’s a fascinating journey, and very eye-opening.   We’ve spent several brainstorming sessions on looking at the ways in which social tools can accelerate employee learning and productivity as well as how companies can use social to connect with customers on a much deeper level, and gain new insights.

Education is a great place for innovation and change.   It’s one of the hot spots I called out in my Trends for 2013 post.  Challenge and change are breeding grounds for innovation.   In our age of insight, one of the biggest bottlenecks is how quickly you can learn and adapt to our ever-changing world.   Related to that, how quickly can you learn new skills or build new capabilities.

Continuous learning is your friend.

The trick is how to learn more rapidly and effectively, while enjoying your learning path.   That’s where gamification steps in.   You can choose your own learning adventure, and the world’s information is at your fingertips in more ways than ever before.  This sets the stage for amazing immersive experiences, and finding ways to learn that suit your style.

Game on.

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