A Quick Roundup of Reviews for Getting Results the Agile Way

I’ve been doing a lot more talks on Getting Results the Agile Way than I planned.  Good thing I’m agile and can respond Winking smile  It makes sense.  It’s January.  It’s the right time of year, where people are bootstrapping their year, testing themselves with New Years Resolutions, turning the page, and, best of all, doing rethinks about how to be effective at work. 

And, a lot of people are overloaded and overwhelmed. 

They’re looking for ways to get some relief, and they're looking for ways to make more impact.  Agile Results comes up because it’s fast to adopt and makes instant impact in little ways that add up to bigger wins over time.  Not to mention, more businesses are trying to figure out how to be more agile and respond with the pace of change in the market.  (And, it also helps that Getting Results the Agile Way has been a best-seller on Amazon for the Time Management category … thank you everyone, for your support.)

One of the things that comes up in the talks is, how can we find out how others are using Agile Results?   I’m not sure, because it’s sort of a tribe thing, as in, if you happen to know somebody using it, you can ask them if they’ll share how they use it.  That said, there are some testimonials at GettingResults.com, and here is a quick roundup of some folks have shared their take on Getting Results the Agile Way and how they use Agile Results:

If you’re short on time, you might start with these three:

BTW – I’ll find a way to share the talk more broadly.  It’s a completely different experience seeing the system presented than reading it in the book.  It’s a great chance to highlight some of the big ideas, and to elaborate on some of the finer points.








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