Productivity on Fire: 30 Days of Getting Results

imageIf you want to set your productivity on fire for 2013, try 30 Days of Getting Results.  Even if you’ve done it before, now’s a great time to do it again.

It’s free.  It’s powerful.  It’s effective.   

It’s helped many people master their productivity, master their time management, and master their work-life balance with skill.    It’s a 30 Day Program designed to help you master extreme productivity.   Whether you want to wake up more productive or spend more time on the things you love or just make more impact at work, that’s what it’s all about.

It’s a 30 Day Sprint to help you flourish in work and life.  

You will learn the productivity skills of the time management masters through principles, patterns, and practices that actually work.

Master Productivity, Time Management, and Work-Life Balance

Here are the key challenges that 30 Days of Getting Results helps you master:

  • How to master time management skills
  • How to master transformational change in your work or in your life
  • How to master personal productivity
  • How to use a simple system to achieve meaningful results
  • How to achieve work-life balance with a system that works
  • How to focus and direct your attention with skill
  • How to spend more time on the things that really matter to you
  • How to play to your strengths and spend less time in weaknesses
  • How to motivate yourself with skill and find your drive
  • How to change a habit and make it stick

When you add these all up, you set the stage for extreme productivity and flow, in both work and life.  Whether you want to change a habit for 2013, or simply improve your productivity to get an edge at work, this is some of the most hard-core productivity training around.

Oh, and did I mention … its free.

The Making of 30 Days of Getting Results

It’s free, but don’t let the price tag fool you.   It’s many of the same hard-core patterns and practices for extreme productivity that I use as a Program Manager at Microsoft.  I created the 30-day program as both a challenge and experiment.   I used the system to write about the system.  In other words, I used Getting Results the Agile Way to create 30 Days of Getting Results.  Specifically, I used a 30 Day Improvement Sprint to write 30 Days of Getting Results.

So for 30 days in a row, I spent 20 minutes each morning to write about how to be more productive, how to master time management, and how to achieve work-life balance.   I used the 20-minute timebox to demonstrate what’s possible when you are focused and have clear goals.  For each day’s lesson, I wrote an outcome, a lesson, and then exercises to practice.   Every day is a mini-lesson with skills to practice.  You’ll start to get results very fast, and you can hop around at your own pace.  While it’s helpful to go in sequence, you don’t have to.  You can dive right into whatever lessons look the most interesting for you.

Try 30 Days of Getting Results and Make It Your 30 Day Sprint

Commit to spending a little time each day to massively improve your productivity and time management skills.   By spending a little time each day, your efforts will compound.   This is the type of learning that will pay you back throughout the year.  It will start paying you back very quickly by improving your free time, and helping you get more done in the time you already spend.  It will also help you reduce the time you spend on things and you’ll create more value in less time.

You are always your best investment.  

The start of the new year is always a great time to commit to improving your skills.


Add It to Your Calendar Today

imageIt’s so easy to want to do something, but then forget to do it, or not make the time for it.  In fact, I know a lot of people that start it, love it, but then forget to keep going.  They asked for an email notification each day.   That’s one option.  Since then, I’ve found a great alternative, which will set you up for success:

Add a daily reminder to your calendar and stick links to the lessons in it. 

Just make one recurring appointment, but add links to all of the daily lessons from that appointment.  This way, you are both blocking off time in your calendar to actually do it, and you are able to easily keep track of where you are in the training.  I also recommend setting aside 10 minutes at the start of your day to go through the lesson.  That way you can practice what you learn throughout your day and find ways to apply it.  This will also help you build momentum each day.

For your convenience, I’ve created a quick list of the 30 days of lessons so that you can add them to your calendar appointment.

Here is a baseline for your calendar appointment:

Subject:  30 Days of Getting Results
Recurrence: Daily
Duration: 10 minutes

Links to Lessons

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