Great Books

I have a Great Books collection on Sources of Insight.   It’s a hand-crafted selection of great books on the following topics:

36 Best Business Books that Influenced Microsoft Leaders
Business Books
Career Books
Communication Skills and Presenting Books
Conflict, Negotiation, and Persuasion Books
Health and Fitness Books
Interpersonal Skills Books
Leadership Books
Learning Books
Management Books
Marketing Books
Mind and Thinking Books
Money, Wealth, and Personal Finance Books
NLP Books
People Skills Books
Personal Development Books
Productivity and Time Management Books
Strength Books
Writing Books

The list of great books is always expanding.

Each lists is broken down into more meaningful buckets so that you can explore a rather large list of books more easily.   For example, my list of Leadership Books is a popular one because it includes a lot of the best leadership books organized by key categories.

I’m in the process of sweeping these lists of best books, and breaking some of them down into finer-grained lists.  For example, I’ll be splitting my Productivity and Time Management Books list into two separate lists of great books (and the current list does not do it justice.)

I’ve been working on my Time Management Books lists, which includes my book, Getting Results the Agile Way: A Personal Results System for Work and Life.   This list is going to be a doozy.   Time management is perhaps one of the most significant aspects of our lives.  As some say, “time is all you’ve got.”  The key of course, is how to make the most of it.

Anyway, if you see things shuffling around on my Great Books collection, now you know why.   A lot of people ask me for advice on which books to read, and I buy several hundred dollars worth of books each year, so I try to share lists of useful books to save you time or help you find some books that might not otherwise be obvious.

Enjoy and happy holidays.

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