Thanks for Sharing Getting Results the Agile Way

Thank you everyone.   It was a great day for Getting Results the Agile Way.    As folks shared the message around the world, Getting Results the Agile Way became a top download on Amazon in a few categories.   At various points in the day, it was #1 in Business Time Management, #1 in Self Help, and I saw it as high as Amazon’s all up Best Sellers Rank: #43 Free in the Kindle Store.



But the best part is this …

Several of you emailed me, telling me your stories of how you’ve used Getting Results the Agile Way to really get ahead in work and life, or to get back on top of your game.   Many of you also emailed me telling me that this was your first exposure to the book, and that as you started to read it, you started to realize what’s really inside.   It’s more than a time management guide or a personal productivity toolkit.   It’s a way to really take everything we’ve learned about operating at a higher level, and actually put that into practice in a simple and systematic way.

It’s more than a book.  It’s a way to make the most of work and life.

Feel free to continue to send me your stories of success and what you specifically did, and how Getting Results the Agile Way helped.  I won’t share your story, unless you ask me too, but I use the feedback to continue to refine the approach as I share it and scale it to others to help them get an edge in work and life.

Comments (2)

  1. Dipankur says:

    Dear JD,Its Diwali in India the festival of lights and the season to express our wishes and gratitude to those who have had made a positive impact on our lives.Getting Results the Agile way has really had improved me as a person as well as a professional.My sincere thanks for sharing your wonderful insight and experiences with all.Thanks Again and Greetings on Diwali.

  2. J.D. Meier says:

    @ Dipankur — Thank you.  I am glad to hear it has made a difference for you.   Best wishes on your road ahead.

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