Think in Three Wins

“Great acts are made up of small deeds.“ – Lao Tzu

Agile Results is spreading as a productivity and time management system around Microsoft.  I’ve done five talks on Getting Results the Agile Way over the past two months.   Some teams are using it to build high-performance teams.  Other teams are using it to improve their work-life balance and overall happiness at work.  It’s spreading because it’s a simple and time-tested approach that scales down to individuals and up to large distributed teams.  Most importantly, it works at Microsoft, under extreme scenarios, and in extreme chaos.  The crazier things get, the more it helps.


Because it’s focused on driving three wins …

Three wins for your day …
Three wins for the week …
Three wins for the month …
Three wins for the year …

To adopt Agile Results, simply ask yourself, “What are three wins that I want for today?”“What are three wins that I want for this week?”

What happens when you do this is you create a way to focus and succeed.  You add “the fun factor.”  Winning is fun.  You make it a game.  More importantly though, when you think in terms of wins, you rise above the noise of tasks, activities, and actions, and instead, focus on the outcome. 

You create clarity by envisioning “the end in mind.”

You empower yourself to focus and prioritize when you adopt this simple habit:

Think in three wins for the day, the week, the month, the year.

If you think that sounds simple and easy, good.  It’s not the knowing, it’s the doing.  You probably did a bunch of stuff yesterday … can you rattle off your three wins?  How about last week?  I bet you did a ton of stuff.   Out of everything you did last week, what were your three wins?   What about last month?  I bet you put in a bunch of time and energy … maybe even a bunch of extra hours.   What were your three wins for last month that made it worth it?

If you’d like to spin circles around the competition, and if you’d like to rise above the noise, or if you’d simply like to acknowledge and appreciate the time and energy you spend on things … then think in three wins.

BTW – if you think in three wins, you can much easier tell and sell your value to your manager, your peers, and to whoever else might care.   If you want to get better performance reviews or stay relevant and flow more value, use three wins to drive your day, drive your week, and drive your year.

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