Time Management Magazine Features an Article on Agile Results

Glenn Watt, Senior Editor of Time Management Magazine, tells me that the first edition of Time Management Magazine will feature an article on Agile Results.  Here is the press release:

JD Meier Article in the First Special Free Issue of Time Management Magazine

The first issue will be available September 23rd.    The second issue will be available Oct 28th.

As you may know, I’m a fan of time management.  Time is all we’ve got, and I think one of the best skills we can learn in live is how to spend our time on the right things, the right way, with the right energy.  That’s the stuff that meaning, legacy, and impact are born from.

So I’m looking forward to the first edition of Time Management Magazine, and I’ll curious to see what sorts of frameworks, methodologies, tools, systems, principles, patterns, and practices get a focus.

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